Flowers for Every Occasion!

Are flowers for every occasion? A lot of people question if they should have arrangements for certain occasions or how much should they have at their event. I am going to keep it real simple today. Below I have made note of a few different instances where one might question if flowers should be incorporated or not. Whether it's hosting a baby shower or throwing a 50 year wedding anniversary party, you can never go wrong with having floral arrangements! 


Birthday parties

 Why would I have flowers at a child's birthday party? There are several fun ways you can incorporate flowers when throwing a child's birthday party. How you might ask? One way is with floral crowns- little girls ADORE flower crowns. Another cute way is to make the ice cream our of roses for a candy themed birthday party (pictured right. )


Holidays: There are several ways to incorporate flowers during the holiday season. Flowers bring out the essence and tone of whatever holiday, from decadent wreaths at Christmas, to beautiful soft, colorful arrangements for Easter. 


 | Style Me Pretty | 

| Style Me Pretty | 

Dinner parties: When there is a dinner party, every looks forward to a good meal, a vibrant glass of wine, and a delicious desert.  You would be surprised at how much guests look forward to the atmosphere, too. The ambiance at a dinner party is key! Incorporating floral arrangements can help develop and set the mood for the evening. From simple single stem vases to a full, luxurious arrangement- you really can't go wrong!  

Are You Trendy?

After doing some research, I have found the following to be some of the top trends to look for in 2016:

 All white bridal bouquet | The Arrington Company |

All white bridal bouquet | The Arrington Company |

Tone-on-tone explosion. A concentrated cluster of one color lends a graphic impact to centerpieces. Ask your florist to choose three to five different flowers in the same shade — the slight color variations create an ombré effect. For an uber-romantic feel, stick to the opposite ends of the color spectrum — either pale or deeply saturated. to set the table for fun, pick a hyper-vivid neon or a playful sorbet shade.

 All greenery bridal bouquet

All greenery bridal bouquet

Flowers not necessary. Referencing my previous blog, Flowers v. Greenery, there are many ways to create beautiful arrangements without using flowers. Your heard right- no flowers! Potted trees, succulents, ferns, lavender sprigs and decorative leaves (Magnolia leaves, for example) are no longer reserved for anchoring flower arrangements — these days they can become the focal point of the décor. Another budget friendly idea is to incorporate bar branches adorned with lanterns, string lights, or covered in sparkling shimmers. 

Loose, organic, and “wide” bridal bouquet shapes: The tight ball-shaped  bouquets are  a trend of the past. There- it’s official! Today’s brides want bouquets with bulk—but rather than tightly bunched balls, the bouquets shapes take a “freshly gathered from the garden” look that stretches out horizontally. These forms offer visually interesting lines defined by arching branches, and unusual vines and foliage that cascade to one or both sides.

 Tone-on-tone centerpiece compote

Tone-on-tone centerpiece compote

Family style seating with flower-filled compotes and satellites: One centerpiece per table is so 2013; multiple floral designs per table are in—way in, especially with the increasing popularity of family-style seating. The trend away from round tables not only means re-configuring the shape of the centerpieces, but also the spacing and quantity on the long tables. This means MORE OPTIONS! 

Long, layered ribbon accents: Ribbon is all the rage when it comes to your bridal party bouquets. We’ll continue to find lots of long, fluttery ribbons flowing from bridal bouquets, especially multiple layers in complementary colors. 

Flowers v. Greenery

One of the more variable items and ideas for a wedding (and therefore, more difficult to write about) can be the flowers — from arrangements to centerpieces to bouquets or a corsage, there are many options and decisions for a bride to make. From elaborate styled bouquets to having the respect for the  beauty greenery collection have to offer, there really is no wrong choice here- just remember this is your choice, your wedding, and your budget.

Flowers can easily be a splurge component of your wedding budget. So before you begin searching and interviewing florists, make sure you know to always ask for written and itemized price estimates for what you want in your wedding. And, as always, we are here to help you with your research!

There are two big trends and directions in the floral arrangements — greenery and flowers. To a novice, these may seem one in the same but they do carry different tones and elements within them. Yes, there can be mixing and matching between the two worlds; but most often the wedding flowers focus on one or the other.

Floral bouquets can be incorporated and arranged into a wide variety of arrangements and can contain almost every color imaginable. From a simple single rose corsage to a bouquet that is filled with color, florists can design, intertwine, and focus on any particular flower or idea of the brides choosing. Floral arrangements can range from daisies to hydrangeas to roses to peonies, all displaying every aspect of elegance and grace. Caution: there are some technical aspects that need thought and consideration when choosing the type of flowers you want. Flowers are seasonal—so if your heart is set on a specific flower, remember it may be unavailable or extremely expensive. Additionally, keep in mind not every florist charges the same way- keep this in mind, but seek out a few to compare and go with which one you think will be the best fit in all aspects.

Greenery, on the other hand, often costs significantly less—a huge plus for most brides. They are also beautiful and stunning, and give the bride plenty of options and seasonal variety. These earthy and natural stems compliment and represent the natural tones of a wedding in any season. Flowers can always be incorporated but the greenery will still be the main character of your bouquet. From succulents to vines and even trees, there are no limits to how these greeneries can be used in your wedding. 

So, which will you choose: flowers or greenery?